UL promotes the bottled water authentication symbol
2008-6-27 12:24:33

The new authentication symbol first will aim at in the beautiful sales bottled water.

Recently, the American Safe Examination Laboratory Company (UL) announcement promotes a brand-new UL bottled water authentication symbol.UL will be able carries on the authentication according to American food and medicine administrative bureau (FDA) as well as the international bottled water association (IBWA) standard to the bottled water, will choose for the consumer has the quality and the safe guarantee bottled water provides the important reference.

This bottled water authentication service is UL to the existing service domain beneficial expansion, is for the purpose of helping UL further to realize its public security mission and to consolidate it in the water industry domain leading positions.At the same time UL also can carry on the verification to the bottled water plant, guaranteed it conforms to international bottled water association (IBWA), the harm analysis and essential control point (HACCP) as well as American food and the medicine administrative bureau produces quality control standard (GMP) the request.

More and more pays attention to each kind of pollution along with the people which the water source receives, bottled Shui Yinqi passes through a series of purification craft processing to prepare the people is favored.In China, the bottled water market also started from on century 90''''s to obtain the swift and violent development, the home production tap water enterprise surpassed 2000, the massive imports also emerged the market from the North America market bottled water.

Relies on at the water quality examination domain more than 20 years experience and the technical strength, UL continuously participates in the international bottled water association (IBWA) technology and the government relates the committee work, and many times makes the material elaboration for the tap water field.In 2007, UL obtains international bottled water association (IBWA) the factory censorship contract, this is this association for the first time gives besides American International Scientific Foundation (NSF) the contract payment the organization.

Will be able to assist each kind based on this authentication symbol carrying out UL water quality examination service public and the privately established organization appraised effectively the tap water water quality, the UL water quality examination service project concerned person in charge indicated: Because but ¡°this service will help each kind of healthy medical establishment even more on own initiative to monitor the water source deterioration which each living thing, chemistry pollution caused, UL will be precisely according to the market demand and the feedback the body has had custom-made this service.

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