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【 EMC Test Laboratory 】
    ATC EMC Test Laboratory has the most perfect test environment and the complete examination facility, during during during all test location all conforms to the international standard, at present has two electric wave darkrooms, three electric wave screened rooms and many antijamming test cabinet and so on the multitudinous facilities provide the service as necessary, and obtains Chinese CNAS, American FCC, Canadian IC, German TUV, EMCC, Czechoslovakian EZU and so on the international authentication organization approval, the release report and the execution test has the absolute male letter strength.

Standard entire electric wave darkroom
Half electric wave darkroom
E-Mark test
1GHz-18GHz space radiation
9KHz-30MHz magnetic field radiation test
Conduction test 1
Conduction test 2
Electromagnetic field security test
Power radiation test
Power frequency magnetic field test
Static electricity test
Fast pulse group test
Overtone, harmony wave, voltage undulation test
ESCI test receiver
Anjilun spectrometer
German R&S receiver
Voltage interrupt and falls test
Control room of radiation tests
Surge test
New electric wave darkroom outward appearance
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