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【 About ATC 】
    ATC Introduction:
    ATC is a comprehensive nature, the specialization, the nationwide industry and the expense product third party test, the examination and the confirmation organization, since in 2000 had been established, is engaged in the EMC&Safety test and the authentication work continuously.ATC is the mainland first folk EMC&Safety laboratory, has the international first-class check-out facility and the specialized test personnel.At present the service network which is composed by more than 40 branch offices comprehensively serves in China for Chinese Enterprise.The company take does utmost as ours customer provides supports and increases the value is a goal, provides the comprehensive solution and the service, the promotion customer in international market success, lets the customer sell the world self-confidently.
    The company has completed large-scale electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)& at present the security (safety)& chemistry examination (RoHS, R&TTE) the laboratory.Examines the laboratory strictly according to ISO/IEC 17025, GUIDE 25 carries on the management with the EN45001 quality standard.Has obtained the multitudinous international authentication organization the approval, including TUV, UL, FCC, IC and so on.We have multitudinous outstanding also the specialized test and authenticate engineer, may provide the authentication application, the standard consultation, the test, the technical support, the countermeasure for the general manufacturers, obtains the authentication and so on the "one-stop" work style; the service.Through ours endeavor, you may obtain most EMC & in the shortest time the SAFETY authentication.The examination product scope including the information technology class, the electrical appliances class, the lamps and lanterns class, the power tool class, the broadcast television sound class, the industry, the science, the medical service class, the automobile electron, the wireless product and so on, simultaneously acts the global majority country electronic products authentication as well as the mechanical device, the medical electron, the automobile electron, the electronic electric appliance deleterious substance authentication.

    Hardware facility:
    ATC has at present following conforms to the international standard test location, may simultaneously be ten above manufacturers provides the test service.We will also plan in the future continue to expand the location, the equipment and the service project, will provide a more perfect service for more manufacturers :
    ● Two electric wave darkrooms (Radiated Test)
    ● Three electric wave screened rooms (Conducted/power clamp test)
    ● An overtone/twinkle test cabinet (harmonics/Flicker Test)
    ● Two antijamming test cabinets (ESD/EFT/Surge/Magnetic/Dips Test)
    ● Two power distribution room (Power Supply)
    ● A complete safety test working area (Safety Test)
    Our excellent measurement equipment from world top famous manufacturers like Rohde & Schwarz, Schwarzbeck, Haefely, Keytek, Anritsu, Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke and Yokogawa.
    The crown accurate science and technology has the multitudinous experienced specialists and unifies the finest equipment and the test environment, provides both accurately and the highly effective examination authentication service for you, lets your product through layer upon layer the checkpoint, sells the world.

    Organization intelligence:
    ATC has obtained the CNAS country laboratory approval and the CMA measurement authentication qualifications, has writes up the notarization data to the society the qualifications.The CTI laboratory hardware defers to the CNAS country to approve the laboratory request construction completely, and carries on the management based on the ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

    The international organization recognizes mutually:

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